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Professional Audio-Post-Production
for scenic and documentary film productions.

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Why most film producers only have sufficient film audio, while our customers can show a premium sound for their audience.

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Too many audio tracks, edit­ing transit­ions, crack­ling and back­ground hiss on your to-do list? Using the latest audio techno­logy tools, we get the best out of the raw record­ings and create a seam­less listen­ing experi­ence for every scene.


During sound mixing, all audio tracks are brought together for the desired end medium, e.g. for tele­vision or cine­ma. With precise mixing ratios, filters and effects, the sound of your film product­ion will stand out from the competition.


Are you still wast­ing too much time trawl­ing through sound librar­ies only to end up with an okay sound effect in the scene? We find, create and record the right sounds and adapt them perfect­ly to the set­ting.


Why Rhycords?

The Rhycords recording studio is aimed at filmmakers, film agencies and film production studios who want to take their scenic or documentary film to the next level. And always tailored to constantly changing target groups, platforms and technical standards.

Jonas Hirschen


I'm Jonas Hirschen, managing director and audio engineer at Rhycords. With over 10 years of audio production experience, I know how my clients can get the best sound from their recordings and experience great sound in front of the screen.


Wake emotions through sound

Audio post-production is one of the last and yet one of the most important processes to complete a film production. The film gets a new dimension through sound, which awakens atmosphere, emotions and impression on people. Therefore, you should not make any compromises here. Convince yourself of my work.


Film projects for which Rhycords has taken on the editing, sound design or sound mixing

Wahren - short movie
Little Hollywood - Docu
Sonnenaufgang - short movie

Soundtrack compositions and mixings:

1 - Next Live Agency - Soundtrack
2 - Palliativ - Soundtrack
3 - Verbuddelt - Soundtrack
4 - Life is Hard - Soundtrack


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